The ICI conducts research and receives funding locally, nationally, and globally. Selected ongoing research projects include “Evaluation of the Implementation of Curriculum and Instruction in China”, “Renovating Professional Development System in China”, “Curriculum Integration based on Core Competencies”, and “Historically Inquiry to Curriculum Reform in China”. Since the establishment of the Institute, our researchers published more than 1300 journal articles, 200 books, and 2252 monographs, won 45 awards of different kinds, and successfully applied for 165 research projects. The total amount of research funding reached over 40 million RMB. The ICI also initiated the database of “Investigation of Curriculum and Instruction in China”. The ICI issues the journal of Global Education (abstracted and indexed in CSSCI) and holds a book series (in English) of “Curriculum Reform and School Innovation in China” with Springer.

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